I watched video of Rick Smolan Interview.

Rick Smolan is American photographer. He traveled NY and South America with History teacher when he was 14.

Smolan also worked for Time magazine.  Smolan took picture of Singer, Sarah Caldwell who is famous for not liking photographer.

Unlucky for him, Smolan forgot lighting as well, Smolan talked about that on clip.

If there was no documentary film crews his life has been turned to totally different direction It was interesting how the photographer’s work is.

On this clip, Smolan said, “I want to tell story and shock people not only filling the magazine pages.

Also it was interesting Rick Smolan said, “He does not miss being photographer” even he still miss the excitement of capturing moment.

It reminds me of things that something you wanted to become is often not something you imagined.

Even Succecful person like him feel the same like most of people surprised me little.