Imogen Cunningham’s photography exhibition at Oceanside museum of art was mainly about her botanical photograph. Which was really detailed and I felt like could feel the texture of plant which Imogen Cunningham took. It made me think for Cunnungham it was important to capture the pattern and structure of botanical more than capturing a full length image. After I saw Robert Frank’s Photography it was interesting to see Imogen Cunningham’s photography work in black and white. Even it is same black and white photographs, in Cunningham’s photographs does not carry hope or despair that was in Robert Frank’s work. And it is also softer focus, even it is clear and detailed photograph. It does not give impression of sharpy and fierce like the one Robert Frank’s have in his photography, which Robert frank uses more stronger light and shadow. On the other hand, Imogen Cunningham’s works give you impression that her photography exist in the abstracted realism.

And there was also interesting quote on the wall inside of museum. “Seeing is perhaps the greatest part in the education of a photographer.” by Imogen Cunningham. It made me think about taking photograph.

Also I liked what she said before she passed away. She was asked “which photograph is the best photograph that she have taken in her life?” and she answerd ” the photograph I will take tomorrow.”  This kind of story makes me like about photographer more and that Cunningham does not satisfy, this kind of spirit makes her artist for me.