Abe Ordover’s photograph were interesting that some of them, almost look like painting not photograph, and other photograph was beautiful taken landscapes. And for San Diego Natural History Museum’s the theme was color of water, just like the name of this exhibition. I was amazing how smoothly wave were described   on photograph. I especially liked “Red Sail” that reflects bright red colored cloth of sail on the ocean. Also It is nice how Abe Ordover was using the comprimentary colors that switching on and off each other as wave in the photographs. And Abe Ordover’s photographs had triptychs like the one we did in the class. And Her image was connected and conveyed the image to the next one really nice and smooth like how the video clip that explained in the class. It was more interesting after I had that lesson and thinking about what I learn and how Photographers were using it, It is nice to notice these things.

However, I felt Abe Ordover’s photography can be very boring sometimes for me, because Abe Ordover’s photographs does not carry any message that will hit in my mind or something that I can empathy for me. It is just continuous waves and mixing of color, Which can be very relaxing and nice. Then about her editing, it seemed overdone for me, when I saw it first time I thought I was looking at painting, which can be very good quality editing. However for me, If I want to see painting I will go art exhibition not photographyexhibition.