Edward Weston uses the light and shadow very efficiently, and it gives depth in his photography. Black and White Photography pushes out depth that Weston was trying to express, and I think that is the reason why Weston takes photography in Black and white. What most interesting about Weston’s photography is a reversal of dry and raw between human and object in his photography. His photography has freshness, when he takes photography of object, such as vegitable, shell, and plant.

It makes outstanding raw texture, which  mood is lacking from Weston’s photography of portraits of women. You can really see a fresh sensibility of the surfaces of living things that Weston captures. For example, the famous photography of Pepper by Edward Weston, it is really interesting to observe how the Pepper surge and creates complicated shapes of their outlines, how a living thing shines by their vitality. It really shows the vitality of living creatures.

On the other hand, When Weston takes photography of women, it looks very dry and less indentity. Most of times, Weston’s models of women hide their faces, closed their eyes and looking away from lenses. It almost looks like those women were hiding their identity. Even women show their faces, it seems unhappy or no feelings are expressed on the photography. It reminded me objectivify by the cutting and pasting on the photography, like only showing woman’s body part, no face which is taking the identity away fromwomen on advertisements, today. Which might be Weston’s intend on his photography and also Weston wanted to express how people could be empty by comparing with objects.