Rankin’s photography is focusing on  texture of human body.  It really show how raw and alive which can be ugly and dirty sometimes ,and it is something you want to look away. But when Rankin express those side of  “human”. It becomes art and has strange mood in the picture. Which is almost reminds me similarity with Annie Leivovitz.

It also seems what in the core of his theme on his photography is sexuality.  It always very opposite impression on rankin photography when I compare to Edward Weston’s women’s photography. Edward Weston’s women are supressed but Rankin’s women are liberated. It seems to have relation on the time period that they were active. Also there is difference of genre of their photography. Rankin is fashion photographer and Edward Weston is portrait photographer. Which explains why Rankin’s photography is colorful and the women’s skin are so gliter, which reminds me of image of fashion industry. It  gave me impression that how it can be flimsy in  Fashion industry. Gorgeous outside and hard and ugly behind the curtain. It might has connection between expression of women in his photography. However you can still see women objectify on Rankin’s photograoph too. It is just the difference of how they express.

Rankin is good at bringing the body’s character of models. Rankin knows how to makes body sensual and beautiful. Which seems the model of photograph know what they want, it pushes out their personality often. Rankin’s color pallette on his photograph seems strong. Which gives more clear and pop impression.