Robert Frank’s Photography seems about perfect orfinaly regular life.It was not about important even at that time, It is just ordinary people’s regular life’s scenery.Then what I noticed about his photograph is none of the people who were taken in Frank’s photograph were not looking into camera lenses.I assume  because those people are not wished to be in photograph, or those people did not care that they are in photograph.May be they do not even know they were taken, which gives Robert Frank’s photograph distinctive mood from other photographer.Something that is real and at the same time surrealistic, unclear, something like between dream and awake.

“Black and White are the colors of Photography. To me they symbolize alternatives of Hope and Despiar” by Robert Frank Just like Robert Frank said, people’s eyes who is in Robert Frank’s photograph has real despair when you see photographed people looking at nowhere thinking of something like that person is not there, that kind of emptiness I felt from Robert Frank’s photography.

When I Campare Lee Frieblander and Garry Winogrand have similar mood with Robert Frank, however their photography seemed  capturing the important event at that time. It looked more recording the time of their, not just reflecting where they belong or their daily life, like Robert Frank did, for me.

Also What I liked about Robert Frank’s photographs were not set  by his intention or creation. Frank was taking what was out there, which has strong impact more than colorful photograph which is decorated as art.