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Imogen Cunningham’s photography exhibition at Oceanside museum of art was mainly about her botanical photograph. Which was really detailed and I felt like could feel the texture of plant which Imogen Cunningham took. It made me think for Cunnungham it was important to capture the pattern and structure of botanical more than capturing a full length image. After I saw Robert Frank’s Photography it was interesting to see Imogen Cunningham’s photography work in black and white. Even it is same black and white photographs, in Cunningham’s photographs does not carry hope or despair that was in Robert Frank’s work. And it is also softer focus, even it is clear and detailed photograph. It does not give impression of sharpy and fierce like the one Robert Frank’s have in his photography, which Robert frank uses more stronger light and shadow. On the other hand, Imogen Cunningham’s works give you impression that her photography exist in the abstracted realism.

And there was also interesting quote on the wall inside of museum. “Seeing is perhaps the greatest part in the education of a photographer.” by Imogen Cunningham. It made me think about taking photograph.

Also I liked what she said before she passed away. She was asked “which photograph is the best photograph that she have taken in her life?” and she answerd ” the photograph I will take tomorrow.”  This kind of story makes me like about photographer more and that Cunningham does not satisfy, this kind of spirit makes her artist for me.

Abe Ordover’s photograph were interesting that some of them, almost look like painting not photograph, and other photograph was beautiful taken landscapes. And for San Diego Natural History Museum’s the theme was color of water, just like the name of this exhibition. I was amazing how smoothly wave were described   on photograph. I especially liked “Red Sail” that reflects bright red colored cloth of sail on the ocean. Also It is nice how Abe Ordover was using the comprimentary colors that switching on and off each other as wave in the photographs. And Abe Ordover’s photographs had triptychs like the one we did in the class. And Her image was connected and conveyed the image to the next one really nice and smooth like how the video clip that explained in the class. It was more interesting after I had that lesson and thinking about what I learn and how Photographers were using it, It is nice to notice these things.

However, I felt Abe Ordover’s photography can be very boring sometimes for me, because Abe Ordover’s photographs does not carry any message that will hit in my mind or something that I can empathy for me. It is just continuous waves and mixing of color, Which can be very relaxing and nice. Then about her editing, it seemed overdone for me, when I saw it first time I thought I was looking at painting, which can be very good quality editing. However for me, If I want to see painting I will go art exhibition not photographyexhibition.

Robert Frank’s Photography seems about perfect orfinaly regular life.It was not about important even at that time, It is just ordinary people’s regular life’s scenery.Then what I noticed about his photograph is none of the people who were taken in Frank’s photograph were not looking into camera lenses.I assume  because those people are not wished to be in photograph, or those people did not care that they are in photograph.May be they do not even know they were taken, which gives Robert Frank’s photograph distinctive mood from other photographer.Something that is real and at the same time surrealistic, unclear, something like between dream and awake.

“Black and White are the colors of Photography. To me they symbolize alternatives of Hope and Despiar” by Robert Frank Just like Robert Frank said, people’s eyes who is in Robert Frank’s photograph has real despair when you see photographed people looking at nowhere thinking of something like that person is not there, that kind of emptiness I felt from Robert Frank’s photography.

When I Campare Lee Frieblander and Garry Winogrand have similar mood with Robert Frank, however their photography seemed  capturing the important event at that time. It looked more recording the time of their, not just reflecting where they belong or their daily life, like Robert Frank did, for me.

Also What I liked about Robert Frank’s photographs were not set  by his intention or creation. Frank was taking what was out there, which has strong impact more than colorful photograph which is decorated as art.

Edward Weston uses the light and shadow very efficiently, and it gives depth in his photography. Black and White Photography pushes out depth that Weston was trying to express, and I think that is the reason why Weston takes photography in Black and white. What most interesting about Weston’s photography is a reversal of dry and raw between human and object in his photography. His photography has freshness, when he takes photography of object, such as vegitable, shell, and plant.

It makes outstanding raw texture, which  mood is lacking from Weston’s photography of portraits of women. You can really see a fresh sensibility of the surfaces of living things that Weston captures. For example, the famous photography of Pepper by Edward Weston, it is really interesting to observe how the Pepper surge and creates complicated shapes of their outlines, how a living thing shines by their vitality. It really shows the vitality of living creatures.

On the other hand, When Weston takes photography of women, it looks very dry and less indentity. Most of times, Weston’s models of women hide their faces, closed their eyes and looking away from lenses. It almost looks like those women were hiding their identity. Even women show their faces, it seems unhappy or no feelings are expressed on the photography. It reminded me objectivify by the cutting and pasting on the photography, like only showing woman’s body part, no face which is taking the identity away fromwomen on advertisements, today. Which might be Weston’s intend on his photography and also Weston wanted to express how people could be empty by comparing with objects.

Rankin’s photography is focusing on  texture of human body.  It really show how raw and alive which can be ugly and dirty sometimes ,and it is something you want to look away. But when Rankin express those side of  “human”. It becomes art and has strange mood in the picture. Which is almost reminds me similarity with Annie Leivovitz.

It also seems what in the core of his theme on his photography is sexuality.  It always very opposite impression on rankin photography when I compare to Edward Weston’s women’s photography. Edward Weston’s women are supressed but Rankin’s women are liberated. It seems to have relation on the time period that they were active. Also there is difference of genre of their photography. Rankin is fashion photographer and Edward Weston is portrait photographer. Which explains why Rankin’s photography is colorful and the women’s skin are so gliter, which reminds me of image of fashion industry. It  gave me impression that how it can be flimsy in  Fashion industry. Gorgeous outside and hard and ugly behind the curtain. It might has connection between expression of women in his photography. However you can still see women objectify on Rankin’s photograoph too. It is just the difference of how they express.

Rankin is good at bringing the body’s character of models. Rankin knows how to makes body sensual and beautiful. Which seems the model of photograph know what they want, it pushes out their personality often. Rankin’s color pallette on his photograph seems strong. Which gives more clear and pop impression.

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Taking self-portrait is really difficult and Cindy sherman’s self-portrait is really interesting that in a way it is reflacting different people from her but it is still self-portraits.

Natalie Fobes

Natalie fobes

Her photography’s point of view made me interested in more in her photography.

Because when she is taking photography, she is not creater.

She is also audience, observer of what is happening just like how usually we are.

For example, her picture in wedding gave me impression she is also part of that event .

Then you can feel the enjoyment and happinnes of the wedding photography of her.

I think why you can feel feeling of the even from her picture is, because she is also enjoying and taking part in those event.

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