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James Nachtway

I saw his documentary once at my home university.

He was one of most impressive photographer.

I still have feeling that the  documentary of Natchway made me think.

And today’s speech brought me back many thing  from lastime when I saw his film.

Also his film change the way I see photography.


Shirin Neshat

Her photography is mainly black and white. It gives more sharp and simple impression on her photography.

[ opposite from fashion photograph. It’s not  gorgeous but has a nice quiet mood, not busy like fashion photo.]

Clear use of light and shadow. Also it catches my eye that the arabic? calligraphy is keep showing up in her work.

It gives continuities flow in her work.

This is my final image for my double spread.

This is from oceanside, This photo made good accent on my photo book.

My photo book starts from cold winter to spring and summer.

California part is mybook’s summer part.

Theses Three Photography were used for my card project on

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Book Spread 1

I finally decide my book title.

“Ceux Qui M’Aiment Prendront Le Train”

It means, “Those Who Love Me Can Take Train”.

I took this title from my favorite film, It seems fitting really well with my book.

It was interesting to hear her about her work, interests towards other countries, cultures and buddhism.

But for me I couldn’t see what she was explaining about her work. Especially the part of buddhism.

It changed the way to see her work and I think It could have been a lot better without that buddhism thing.

What I mean is I wish she explained more deeply not just pointing out little.

In the end I felt like watching business presentation not art presentation. It was really fast and not contained meaning of her work that much for me.

So I only liked killing lion series.  But it was good experience to see new kind of art I haven’t seen.

Book proposal.

Firstime I was thinking of doing hands, and ears photographs for my book.

But After I was trying manything I think I will change my theme for my book.

New idea for my photo book is travel photograph. It is almost like my jornal from last year.

Since one of my obsession is traveling by train.

I really hate flight, because it is not relaxing or trustful as train.[ well train is danger too but…]

hopefully this will come out nicely.

I really liked her attitude towards photography.

I can feel her enthusiasm  from her focused ,sharp, and detailed photographs.

I have never seen such a well worked photography of nature.

I know photographer who takes like fashion and celebrity that something glamorous.

What interested me about Natalie Fobes  is her subject for her picture.

For me I think it is more difficult to take photograph of  nature thing than Person.